Courtney Love Tweets Amanda Bynes: ‘Pull It Together’

Courtney Love and Amanda Bynes

Courtney Love thinks that Amanda Bynes needs to pull her life together.

You know when you’re stuck in a destructive lifestyle and everyone in your life keeps warning you to snap out of it? You go “Come on, it’s not like I’m a train-wreck like so-and-so” justifying your bad behavior by pointing to the worst example of it that you can imagine.

Well, what if your life got so bad that “so-and-so” actually called you out? That just happened on Twitter between Courtney Love and Amanda Bynes.

Bynes has been in a lot of trouble recently, following several months of bizarre behavior that some publications more comfortable with being sued than we are have labeled “an apparent meltdown.”

While our own Neal Campbell of SND.TV still has a hunch that Bynes might be pulling the greatest piece of performance art in history, most people buy the “meltdown” narrative, especially since Bynes was arrested last week for possession resulting in a particularly unflattering mugshot.

Anyway, enough is enough for controversial rocker Courtney Love, whose own rap sheet includes heavy drug use and intoxicated appearances on various TV programs. On Tuesday, she tweeted Amanda Bynes:

Of course, this advice wasn’t taken by many Twitter users lying down:

But thankfully there were at least a precious few who enjoyed the irony of the situation:

Amanda Bynes has not yet responded to Courtney Love. Her most recent meaningful post on Twitter says that she is suing the NYPD for setting her up and planning a career as a singer/rapper.

What do you think? Should Courtney Love be giving Amanda Bynes advice?

[Images via: Robert Castro / Amanda Bynes]

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  1. wow….that's how folks felt when my boyfriend got and stayed sober….its hard to pull it together but when you do….stay sober!

  2. If Courtney has a relationship with Amanda, but it still isn't something to say on Twitter, but I guess when you're famous you're allowing people into your life more than most people.

  3. This is sad to me, so many child actors get sucked into this kind of crap. I am glad someone is calling her out on it.

  4. When a "train wreck" for so many years calls you out to pull it together…it must be bad! I mean Courtney just seems like "hey you are going down the road I did and it's not fun". I think that it's mean for Courtney to have tweets responding to her being a coke head and what not. Courtney has come a long way….everyone makes mistakes people.