Social Media: The New Face Of Disaster Response [Infographic]

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Is social media the new face of disaster response?

As many of you reading this likely know, social media has taken on numerous new roles in recent years outside of simply providing a semi-anonymous forum for posting selfies and discreetly stalking exes.

In fact, social media has become the news, the entertainment, and even the police on some occasions (though most social detectives have only earned their junior merit badges at best).

Another area that social media has become sort of a “first responder” is natural disasters. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have been used to facilitate rescue and relief efforts after multiple recent disasters.

It’s all in the infographic below, provided by our buddies at USF’s Online MPA. In it, they take a look at three recent natural disasters: The Japan tsunami, the Haiti earthquake and Superstorm Sandy, and analyze the role that social media played in the relief effort. Check it out!

social and disasters

Dusten Carlson
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