New Google Maps Screenshot Shows Where Google+ Will Be Integrated

Google Plus on Google Maps

The new Google Maps for desktops integrates Google+ into its overall design and a new screenshot from the Google I/O conference shows exactly where that integration will occur.

The team at Droid Life spotted and captured screenshots from the sign-up form for Google Maps that shows a smart search bar that features recommendations from the Google+ platform.

A description for the Google Maps update reads:

“The new smarter search bar is your starting point for discovery. One search makes all the information you need available at a glance — read up on your destination, see ratings and reviews, and sometimes, even take a peek inside.”

The new setup allows Google+ users to narrow recommendations based on their own “circles” and by other users who are “top reviewers.”

If the new setup holds true it could mean that Google+ users will be able to better tailor future search results based on what they have previously interacted with.

Google Plus on Google Maps

Are you excited to try the new Google Maps platform and its integration with the Google+ platform.

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