Foursquare Adds More Menus, Aims To Improve Local Search Results

Foursquare Local Search Menus

Foursquare has been experiencing a massive transformative phase from check-in location based service to local search results platform. On Tuesday that transformation continues as the company rolled out new menus aimed at localized results.

One month ago Foursquare rolled out a new app that it said would “reveal more of the world around you the moment you open up the app.” Shortly after that update the company released an update that completely redesigned location pages to make them more informative and photo-focused.

Now Foursquare has expanded its menus and restaurant pages.

In a blog post Foursquare writes:

“It’s a Saturday night and you’re meeting friends for dinner. You’ve narrowed the choices down to two popular Italian spots – but how to choose? Starting today, you’ll see more menus in Foursquare, so you can decide given what restaurants have to offer. In addition to SinglePlatform, we’ve also partnered with Locu (a company that shares our mission of helping restaurants and local businesses connect with customers).”

Locu is an awesome web-side menu platform that started in 2011 and has since received $4 million in Series A funding.

While the new Foursquare menus are only available for restaurants at this time the location based service plans to roll out the option to price and service lists for various businesses.

Kim LaCapria

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