Mark Zuckerberg’s Approval Rating Has Increased Since Facebook IPO

Mark Zuckerberg Approval Rating at Glassdoor

Before Facebook went public Mark Zuckerberg was already a pretty popular CEO among his employees. After the Facebook IPO was a complete disaster employees still stood beside their co-founding leader. One year later the Facebook IPO has recovered much of its value and Zuckerberg is more popular with employees than ever before.

According to jobs website Glassdoor Mark Zuckerberg now commands a 99% approval rating at Facebook. That approval rating is based off anonymous employee reviews sent in to Glassdoor for consideration.

In the past Zuckerberg had received four 100% approval ratings in four quarters of operation. In the year leading up to the IPO the Zuck’s rating temporarily fell to 95%. In Q1 2013 Zuckerberg was still sitting at a 96% rating before shooting back up in a recent survey

Mark Zuckerberg Approval Rating

Not only have employees warmed back up to Zuckerberg, in general they are happier at Facebook than they were in the year leading up to the company’s IPO. Employees rank their time at Facebook over the last year at 4.7 (out of 5) compared to 4.6 the year prior.

Facebook Approval Rating

Are you surprised by Zuckerberg’s and Facebook’s high approval rating?

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  1. I think it is great that his employees enjoy him and working for him, I am always curious as to how many people were surveyed and such; but if it was a fair number, this is great!

  2. Those are pretty good ratings, I mean the lowest he ever got was 80% that's pretty darn good.