Even Kale Can Go Viral On Pinterest, And Here’s How [Infographic]

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Anything can go viral on Pinterest. Yes, even kale.

If you’re a Pinterest fan, then you know that it’s mostly a visual blog for recipes, fashion items, beautiful landscape photography, and memes (though there are numerous and vibrant sub-communities dedicated to just about everything else).

But how do things go viral on Pinterest? We wouldn’t say there’s a formula for viral success ( in the end, content is always always always king) but there are definitely things you can do to improve your chances.

To wit, Pingage proved that even an image of kale can go viral if you know how to maximize pin potential. The infographic posted below shows how a picture of the leafy greens got 451 repins, 1,936 site clicks, and 58 new followers in its first 24 hours on Pinterest.

Basically, you need a tall image and a good caption. But you can check out the finer points in the “How Even Kale Can Go Viral” infographic below:

building good pins

Author: Dusten Carlson

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  1. It is amazing how yummy kale can look on pinterest, almost makes me want to try it.

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