Huggies TweetPee iPhone App Tweets Parents When Baby Tinkles

Huggies TweetPee App

The new Huggies TweetPee app for iPhone users allows parents to receive tweets when their baby goes potty. Created by the team at Huggies Brazil the platform is still in beta testing.

According to ParentingPatch:

“Huggies Brazil is currently testing TweetPee with a small user base of just four parents, and they hope to expand the program to 10 parents in July.”

The software and hardware are simple to use, just take the owl-shaped plastic humidity sensor and clip it to the baby’s diaper. When the sensor recognizes a change in humidity it jumps into action and sends a tweet to mommy and daddy.

Ultimately Huggies wants the TweetPee app to track pee volume and also alert parents when its time to order more diapers.

Here’s a video report that surfaced for the new Huggies TweetPee technology:

Here’s to hopping your little one doesn’t try to eat the Huggies TweetPee owl-shaped device.

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  1. This is crazy! I hope I am always aware of my child's needs and never need an app to tell me to change my baby! Like disposable diapers need anything to make them more expensive…