This Is #ChiTown: Nate Robinson Compares Bulls To ‘300’ On Twitter

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After getting 10 stitches in his lip during the first half of the Chicago Bulls game against the Miami Heat, Nate Robinson came back to drop 27 points to help his team do the impossible on Monday night. He felt like a warrior. He felt like a Spartan Warrior.

After the game Nate took to Twitter to do his best 300 impersonation.

In case you’re having a hard time milking that Tweet for the intensity it deserves, here’s the scene from 300.

People can debate the similarities between an NBA team and the deadliest group of warriors to ever walk the planet but no one will argue against the fact that the Chicago Bulls have overcome incredible adversity to make it to this point in the season.

Nate Robinson, who doesn’t exactly have the stature of a professional basketball player, has become the Bulls most dominant scorer. He battled through the flu during game 6 against the Nets (he was literally throwing up on the bench) and last night he got ten stitches during the first half of the game.

And what’s really incredible is that Nate is considered one of the team’s healthiest players. Luol Deng is currently in the hospital with some bizarre and scary illness, Joakim Noah is playing with one leg, Taj Gibson is playing with a bum knee, and Kirk Hinrich is sitting on the bench due to a bruised calf. On top of all that, the Bulls are playing without last year’s MVP Derrick Rose. Due to all of the injuries, the Bulls are playing the Heat with their third stringers.


Robinson’s partner in crime Jimmy Butler has also been playing like a warrior. Butler, who has been tasked with guarding LeBron James due to Deng’s absence, has played 144 consecutive minutes. Butler hasn’t taken a seat since Game 5 against the Brooklyn Nets.

What do you think of the Chicago Bulls? Are they the NBA’s Sparta Warriors?

Dan Evon

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