Bear Grylls Tweets Horrifyingly Brutal Snake Bite Pic [Shocking Photo]

Bear Grylls Twitter

When he’s not fighting hypothermia or drinking his own urine, British adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls is just like every other guy. He sees a horrific, gory gruesome injury, his face contorts with disgust, and he emits a shocked “BLIMEY!” followed by a “come look at this!”

And by “come look at this,” we mean he tweets an image of said horrific, gory gruesome injury to his one million followers.

The TV host tweeted a photo of a “brutal snake bite” suffered by one of his Man vs. Wild producers. The photo shows the producer’s left foot, with a huge chunk of flesh taken out and several of his bones plainly visible.

That’s just the description. If you really want to see it, we put it below, but you have been warned.

Grylls tipped his hat to the producer, who he says is currently “fighting the injury with courage.”

He didn’t provide any further details than that, so we have no idea where they were filming or what the hell kind of snake can take that big a hunk out of a grown man, but it’s pretty safe to say that we’re not going outside to play in the wild anytime soon.

You can check out Bear Grylls’ “brutal snake bite” tweet below, but once again, it is a very shocking photo. Again, you’ve been warned.

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