LinkedIn Debuts Professional Portfolio Options, Delivers Rich Media To Profiles

LinkedIn Professional Portfolio

LinkedIn on Wednesday rolled out new features for user profiles via a setup known as “professional portfolios.”

LinkedIn has been actively working to keep users on its platform for longer periods of time and Wednesday’s upgrade accomplishes that goal. Users can now add more images, videos, resumes, presentations, comments, and likes from other users int the mix.

Profile sharing, the practice of sending a profile to someone who can share elements they choose, did not roll out with this new update.

LinkedIn users can expect to start seeing the new profile features today. The new options will be rolled out to LinkedIn users over time much like Facebook does with its own new features.

The best part of the new professional portfolio’s setup is that users can now make their LinkedIn profiles look like their very own setup. In the past users could add links and portfolio photos but their pages ultimately looked just like everyone else’s LinkedIn portfolio. Now users can add dynamic photos, showcase their favorite videos and even curate the best study link, comments from co-workers, etc.

LinkedIn Profile Changes

Do you think rich media sharing will ultimately become an integral part of user profiles on LinkedIn?

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