Twitter War: Carrie Underwood v. Rep. Andy Holt

Twitter War - Carrie Underwood v. Tenn. Rep. Andy Holt - NoAgGag

SND.TV Transcript:

Last week on Twitter, the supremely beautiful and talented Carrie Underwood had the crazy, audacity to think she has the right to voice a political opinion. My gosh, how can any American think something like that!?!

Well she got corrected when Republican Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt essentially told Carrie to shut-up and sing.

The Twama … that’s Twitter Drama started when Carrie tweeted,

A little background …

Several states are considering unconstitutional legislation to make it illegal to videotape, photograph, or record incidents of animal cruelty. Anyone who does is required to turn what they recorded over to police within 24-48 hours.

Ag Gag bills make it very difficult for citizen journalists to investigate farm businesses suspected of unethical, and down-right cruel treatment of animals.

After Carrie’s tweet Andy Holt counted 1, 2, 3, 4 and he declared a Twitter War tweeting,

“I would say that if Carrie Underwood will stick to singing, I’ll stick to lawmaking.”

Oh my freaking groceries! How in Andy Holt’s mind does he imagine that Carrie Underwood doesn’t get to have an opinion? The girl grew up on a farm and her family still farms, but it wouldn’t matter if she grew up on Jersey Shore. She still gets to think things and say things.

Carrie responded to Andy Holt’s cray cray with THIS elegant tweet…

Carrie never responded to the lawmaker directly, but has tweeting links to news stories about the legislation and efforts to defeat it.

Andy Holt on the other hand deleted his shut up and sing tweet and now just keeps tweeting at Carrie to chat with him in person about the bill.

I declare Carrie Underwood the victor in this Twitter war, mainly because she didn’t fight. She just keeps standing strong.

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Twitter Warriors: Carrie Underwood and Rep. Andy Holt

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  1. Neal Campbell He supports a bill that allows for the vile torture of animals while protecting the farmers who don't follow currently in place laws…of course he has said vile things, he's a vile man!