ESPN “Sports Bar & Grill” Facebook Game Launches For Sports Fans

ESPN Sports Bar and Grill

ESPN has launched their second social sports game for Facebook users. The game, titled ESPN Sports Bar Grill was developed in collaboration with Disney’s Playdom gaming division and asks players to run a virtual sports bar.

The “always-on” game requires users to manage a sports bar and keep the lights on by serving as many drinks possible to as many patrons as they can bring into the bar.

Aside from earning cash to keep the bar going users can earn sports collectibles by reaching certain milestones and by completing various challenges.

Players can also buy upgrades for their bar and even play music from ESPN Radio and offer simulated live sports games with actual scores that are updated by ESPN in real time on your bars virtual TV sets.

If the game becomes as popular as ESPNU College Town we can expect to see at least 582,000 active monthly users (AMUs) with as many as 60,000 daily players on the system.

Here’s a screencast from the ESPN virtual bar:

ESPN Bar and Grill Screencast

The game is also integrated with Samsung products such as the Galaxy Tab.

James Kosur

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