Twitter Two-Step Authentication Being Internally Tested

Twitter Two Step Authentication

Twitter two-step authentication is currently being tested by employees at the social network. The move to offer a more secure Twitter login program has come about after what seems to be weekly Twitter account hacks at the expense of The Associated Press, Burger King, and various other brand and user accounts.

On Tuesday The Associated Press account was hacked and fake messages were posted about the White House which caused the Dow Industrial Average to take a noticeable dive.

According to’s Mat Honan the platform is already in place but Twitter employees want to make sure the launch goes off without any issues.

Two-step verification, also known as multi-factor authentication, prevents hackers from logging into accounts. The most prominent two-step verification system in use requires users to enter a specialized code that is sent to their email or cellular device when they attempt to log in from an unknown device or location. Two-step verification also sometimes is activated randomly as a type of checks and balance system.

The new Twitter two-step authentication system is expected to require a code to be entered when an account is accessed from a new location.

It’s not clear at this time if Twitter will use a text message, e-mail, or perhaps even a dedicated two-step verification app for mobile devices.

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  1. Although I get annoyed sometimes by having to validate every time I login on a new device, I do appreciate the additional security.