Reddit Stripper’s Money Shot Photo Goes Viral

Reddit stripper

Don’t bother counting all of that by yourself, because we did it for you. That’s $3,445, all made in a single day by Redditor Menagerii, who is a stripper.

“From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture,” Menagerii says on Reddit’s Pics thread.

Menagerii’s 3,500 reasons to justify being a stripper were collected in a single shift at an Atlanta club, though she admits that she worked double-time for the haul.

She put in 15.5 hours between 11:30am and 3am, performing 30 table dances and making five onstage appearances.

Humble Menagerii said that $3,445 is double the average night, but bringing home an average $1,700 a night in tips doesn’t exactly suck. How do we sign up?

“You have to be in good shape, quick witted, confident and have a pretty face,” she writes. I guess I’ll stick to writing.

And no, Menagerii didn’t post any pictures of herself on-or-off the job. She does have an NSFW AMA you can check out here.

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