Facebook Home Downloaded 500,000 Times In First 5 Days

Facebook Home For Google Android

The Facebook Home platform for Google Android debuted five days ago and has thus far received just over 500,000 downloads.

The apps Google Play listing revealed the 500k milestone and it was soon after confirmed on Twitter by Ben Evans.

Facebook Home allows users to make the social network the central hub of their smartphone devices. Using Facebook home participants can post status updates and view their newsfeed right from the lock screen on their device. Facebook Home also provides messaging services without being interrupted.

When Facebook first launched some analysts called it an immediate dud, however 100,000 downloads per day seems to point in a different direction.

Facebook is notorious for releasing new features that users originally HATE and then adopt to keep up with friends and family who are also using the new features.

Keep in mind Facebook Home is much slower to download than the Google Android version of Instagram which Facebook launched to one million downloads per day. Although it should be noted that Instagram was already a huge hit on the Apple iOS platform. That popularity left Android users clamoring for Instagram before it was ever made available for the Android OS.

The Facebook Home application unlike Instagram is only available on a select set of devices at this time including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One X, and the HTC One X+. HTC has also placed the Facebook Home configuration directly on new sales of the HTC First.

With more than one billion users Facebook has a long way to go if it plans to make Facebook Home a household name. On the other hand we have seen how decently quick adoption can lead other users to follow along.

You can downloaded Facebook Home here: Facebook.com/home

Are you using Facebook Home? Why or why not?

James Kosur

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  1. I've heard people say it is similar to the original Facebook a few years ago. I guess we will see when we log on one day and our accounts are updated.