Anaheim Teacher Faces 44 Years In Prison For Underage Facebook Sex Scam

Facebook And Underage Sex Attack

30-year-old Zachary Joshua Reader, a former Anaheim, California teacher is facing 60 felony accounts and 44 years behind bars after he tricked over 100 underage boys into sending him nude photo via Facebook.

The former teacher and baseball coach scammed boys from 13-17 years old into sending him naked photos over a three year period.

Reader is accused of getting the boys to perform sexual acts while sending him underage pornography.

Police say Reeder began his Facebook scam in June 2010 and continued his underage encounters through January 2013. Reeder created a fake Facebook page and posed as a female student. Reeder then befriended many underage boys who he knew through his various teaching jobs.

106 victims sent Reeder sexually explicit photos and videos.

Reeder faces the following charges for his acts:

22 felony counts of using a minor for sex acts, 15 felony counts of distributing pornography to a minor, 13 felony counts of contacting a child with the intent to commit a lewd act, six felony counts of lewd acts upon a child, two felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14, one felony count of possession and control of child pornography, and one felony count of distribution of child pornography.

If found guilty on all counts Reeder could spend 44 years behind bars.

Facebook has become a stomping ground for pedophiles looking to take advantage of unsuspecting underage users. Facebook is fighting back with algorithms that specifically search for sexual predators. When illegal activities are discovered via Facebook messaging, inbox messages and wall posts, Facebook reports those illegal activities to authorities.

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