Social Media Demographics By The Numbers In 2013 [Survey Results]

Social Media Engagement Metrics

Social media is a technology embraced by more than one billion people around the world and those individuals make up a wide spectrum of the public demographic. From moms and dads to children and in some cases even pets, just about everyone we know has some type of connection to social media.

The team at Docstoc wanted to figure out exactly who uses social media so they culled over reams of data outputted via the Pew Research Center’s 2013 social media survey.

While we often write about women flocking to Pinterest the truth is 71% of women use social media in general while only 62% of guys do the same.

The study also finds that 18-29 year old internet users are more likely to jump into the social media game (83%) while that number decreases to 32% when users are 65+ years old.

Facebook is still the ruling champion of all social media use with 67% of respondents claiming to have a Facebook account. The social giant is followed by Linked in with 20% and 16% for Twitter. Nearly surpassing Twitter for the first time is Pinterest. The relatively new website targeting women has a 15% use rate according to Pew Research data.

Check out the full study infographic to see other interesting social media demographics information for income levels, race, education levels, and population density among other fun facts.

Social Media Demographics

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