Ricky Gervais Gives Charitable Challenge To Twitter, Twitter Fails

ricky gervais

Ricky Gervais is an internet troll with a heart of gold.

The comedian posted a charitable challenge to his Twitter followers this week saying that he would donate £5,000 (about $3500) to charity if they could show a little self-restraint and not retweet his message.

A few minutes and 594 retweets later Gervais hung his head in hilarious disappointment.

Come on people. How can 594 people miss the joke?

Thankfully, the comedian posted another challenge. This time Gervais said he would give £10,000 to charity if his Twitter followers could restrain themselves from retweeting his message.

That message received 672 retweets…

Gervais has more than 4 million followers and apparently some of those people are completely against charity. Either that or Ricky has a few idiots following him. Judging by the comedians recent appearance on The Daily Show, it’s safe to that Gervais believes in the idiot theory.

Gervais may think that the internet is full of idiots (who can blame him) but the comedian is a huge fan of Twitter and his followers.

Now, if Gervais decides to give Twitter another chance and makes another charitable offer. Please, prove the comedian wrong and show him that you are not addicted to retweeting messages.

Dan Evon

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