Waco Explosion A Harrowing Tale In Twitter Pics

waco explosion

A Waco explosion tonight has done damage that appears to be extensive, and thus far little is known about the massive blast that rocked the Texas town and reportedly caused dozens of injuries.

Much of what we know so far seems to have come via Twitter, where users are sharing images of what looks like a small mushroom cloud due to the force of the blast, but as of now, the explosion just north of Waco in West, Texas is still a developing situation.

One image purported to be of the Waco blast was shared by BuzzFeed, indicating an explosion in close proximity to populated areas — and some reports say an elementary school is in flames after the incident:

The AP reports:

Triage areas are being set up near the Waco blast site, but no injured people appear to have yet arrived:

Other reports say a nearby nursing home was affected by the blast in Waco as well:

YourAnonNews corroborates the reports of multiple buildings affected:

Reportedly, some people are trapped after the Waco explosion:

It is currently unclear what the cause of the Waco explosion may have been, or precisely how extensive the damage may be.

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