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Remember when you would take a vacation to your favorite location and upon arrival you would purchase a handful of postcards and send them off to friends and family? The postcards were a nice way to say “I’m thinking of you” or a mean way to say “sucks that you’re stuck in the cold while I’m in Hawaii.” Whatever your reason for sending postcards it is likely that you have since ditched that practice for the easier to handle social media realm.

The team at Skyscanner recently conducted a social media use poll and they found that Postcards are now only used by 6% of travels looking to update friends and family about their trip. On the other hand 26% of travels use Facebook to offer vacation updates while 24% use text messages.

In comparison, 6% of users send postcards for vacation updates and just 2% of Twitter users explain their vacation through tweets and picture uploads to Twitter.

The study also found that 22% of social media users receive their travel inspiration through social media.

Here is the full infographic that shows why postcards are being killed off by social media:

Social Media and Postcards

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