Husband’s ‘Other’ Wife Found On Facebook

Facebook Marriage Another Woman

A man’s ‘other’ wife was found on Facebook recently after his new wife posted news of their nuptials on the social network.

The 38-year old Australian women received a message from the man’s other wife just a short time after she posted the announcement with her new last name. The message reads: “Hello, new Mrs. Keyet. How can you be Mrs. Keyet when I am still Mrs. Keyet? From the old Mrs. Keyet.”

While her new husband admitted to being married in the past he said that marriage had been legally dissolved.

After receiving the message about the man’s other wife the new Mrs. Keyet began researching court documents in the hopes that her husband was not lying about the dissolution of his first marriage.

The new Mrs. Keyet soon found out that the nearly two decade long marriage was in fact still legally binding.

The entire situation led the distraught woman to kick her new husband to the curb and she was soon granted an annulment by Australian courts.

Realizing that he had no recourse Mr. Keyet didn’t even bother showing up in court. Although he did text message his feelings to his former bride. According to The Inquisitr he typed:

“I think I’ve put you through enough hurt.”

The man’s current wife is currently thinking about charging Mr. Keyet with bigamy charges.

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  1. Weird story…it'd be nice to include info on how long it had been since he'd actually been living with the first wife. I wonder why he and the first wife aren't divorced? or was he "away on business" or something?