#PrayForBoston Trending On Twitter As Uncertainty Looms

Boston Marathon Explosion and Twitter

The Boston Marathon explosions have left a lot of uncertainty in the air. A vast number of reports now suggest that the bombs were detonated with malice. Several news agencies have even reported that ball bearings have been found in the general vicinity of the explosions.

As Boston’s citizens and people around the country look for answers the hashtag #PrayForBoston has taken Twitter by storm.

At least two people have been killed and dozens more have been injured.

Here are some of the sentiments being shared by Twitter users as they offer hope for everyone’s safety:

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  1. The only thing the rest of us can do is pray. Pray for healing, pray for answers, pray for our leaders, pray for the decisions this country has to make.

  2. Also remember to say a prayer to THANK those who rushed to the aide of those who were injured and traumatized. It's very unfortunate that tragedies like this happen, but behind every evil person, is an enormous crowd of people who offer compassion. Thank you to all who responded to the scene and put their lives in danger to save others.