Boston Marathon Explosions: Photos And Video Flood Twitter After Bombing

Boston Marathon-Explosions

A series of explosions went off today near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Initial reports say that dozens of people were injured in the blasts and at least three people have died.

Boston Globe reporter Chris Cassidy, who was running in the marathon, has been updating her twitter account with breaking news. According to Cassidy, dozens of people were injured in the Boston Marathon explosions and some people lost limbs.

Anderson Cooper reports that some of the hotels housing media for the Boston Marathon have been evacuated.

Reporter Sean Kelly added that ambulances were still being called to the scene to aid injured runners.

A video of the explosion has also popped up online.

Rachel Maddow edited the clip down to a short Vine video.

Dan Rosen, an NHL reporter who was at the marathon, said that police officers have found unexploded devices.

Here are some more photos from the scene at the Boston Marathon. (WARNING: Some Photos Contain Gruesome Images)

Many people have also offered their thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Here’s a video report from ESPN.

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  1. I have not had regular TV since it was switched over to digital until yesterday and this is what I get to see all day, which is so disturbing. I do send my thoughts and prayers to all that were impacted by this terrible tragedy and continue praying for the USA.