New Choices Coming To Your Facebook Status Update Box

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A while back Facebook started asking different questions in the Status Update Box. Sometimes it asks how I’m feeling. Sometimes it asks what’s on my mind. It’s an awful lot like going to a therapist. Soon, if you don’t have it already, you will have the option to select a mood using an emoticon.

Facebook begin rolling out a new feature a few weeks ago although most Facebookers don’t have it yet. A number of people who have the new status update box have tweeted that the new option to set a mood reminds them of the pre-Timberlake MySpace.

The update comes with more than just emoticons to let our friends know if you’re happy, sad, or tired. In addition to sharing what we’re feeling we will be able to share what we’re watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating from a drop-down menu.


Predictive text will let you select the name of the TV show as soon as you start typing what you’re watching. If you’re watching The Walking Dead, it’s name pops up Facebook will share the show’s logo.

The new feature has a lot of implications for social discovery.

As my Facebook friend or follower you know that my favorite singers are Lennon and Maisy Stella. If you also like Lennon and Maisy, and you see that I’m listening to Kat Edmonson, along with a link to her Facebook page, you might check out her music.

According to Buzzfeed, Facebook hired Pixar story illustrator Matt Jones to create original, expressive emoticons.

“Facebook was canny enough to realize that traditional emoticons are quite bland,” says Jones. “At Pixar we consider emotional states every day with every drawing we make. Our work is informed by the years of study we do, constantly studying people’s gestures and expressions in real life.”

The new Facebook Status Update Box hasn’t rolled out for me. Has it rolled out for you? If so, how do you and your friends like it?

Facebook working with Pixar story illustrator and former storyboard artist at the Wallace and Gromit studio Matt Jones, to help re-invent emoticons.Facebook Screen shots via: TechCrunch

Neal Campbell

Neal Campbell is a writer and artist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, which may or may not explain why he is a writer and artist. In 2005, he launched and produced GeekBrief.TV, one of the first and most successful video podcasts. Neal writes about technology, pop culture, science, TV, the Internet, and sometimes bacon. He lives on the Internet, and loves his Chihuahua, Zoe, who hasn’t left his lap in eight years.


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  1. Well that's cute. Now emoticons will be the big thing again. Maybe people will quit overusing hashtags.