Facebook Event Organizers Forced To Slow Their Collective Roll

facebook event invite limit

Facebook Event organizers have a new consideration with which to contend — the inability to have too many “pending invites,” and the subsequent need to invite guests carefully.

Facebook Event pages are (let’s face it) among the site’s least intuitive features. The functionality hasn’t really burned up the world of social event planning, and it seems more often than not a Facebook Event entails either “your friend’s lame band” or “some symbolic slacktivist protest.”

Ostensibly, if you have a million genuine friends (which that law of 150 people seems to contradict), the new limitations will be a pain in the ass. But for most users, the Facebook Event invite limits will only really hinder people whose parties no one really wants to attend or puts off confirming.

Inside Facebook explains:

The Facebook Help Center confirms that users cannot send more than 100 event invites at a time and an event can only have 300 pending invites at once. This could hinder the efforts of some event planners or promoters, but also help users avoid getting too many invitations they aren’t relevant to them.

The site adds, noting the new Facebook option in some countries to pay for messaging features:

As a result, event organizers might experiment with Facebook’s paid options for promoting events to users who are most likely to be interested in them.

Have you used a Facebook Event page in such a way that the new rules will make it harder to plan gatherings?

Kim LaCapria

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