Blab Uses ‘Predictive Social Intelligence’ To Get You Ahead Of The Meme


A new service called Blab is launching, with a pretty big stated focus — using “Predictive Social Intelligence,” it will allow users and brands to discover which content on social media sites will go somewhere big.

Blab was described at length in a press release today, and the Blab Conversation Canvas™ explained as an innovation that uses “big data processing to contextualize and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today.”

Framed as an ideal service for social media and business, Blab looks ideal for helping brands in particular discover sticky content for users even before the trends begin to peak — allowing companies to get the jump on cresting data and make hay of the impending interest and shares. Pretty neat.

In the release (and somewhat Stefon-ishly), Blab’s founders explain that “[for] brands, Blab answers the question: what if you knew what your target audience will be talking about tomorrow, the next day, and the next day, and where those conversations will emerge?”

Randy Browning, co-founder and chief executive officer of Blab, explains how the service enables businesses to harness a coming social trend:

Too often, even the most aggressive brands are left chasing the conversation in social media, or hoping for that fortuitous alignment of real-time events and content they happen to have on hand.

Browning continues:

With Blab, any brand, organization or cause can transform from a reactive stance to a proactive one; from followers to leaders, with a high degree of confidence in their strategy and their content. Since we started Blab, brands have been telling us that this changes the game for social media engagement. Now that our platform is released to the public, we embrace the challenge of proving them right.

Video below, and you can poke around Blab over at

What is Blab? from Blab on Vimeo.

Kim LaCapria

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