Jose Canseco Invents Manfume, Plans To Start Selling Dragon Blood Fragrance

Jose Canseco Twitter

Jose Canseco has invented a manfume.

Yep, a perfume for men. You know, like cologne, but with some extra femininity. Or maybe it’s like a perfume, but with some extra manliness. Whatever it is, it’s weird, it contains dragon blood, and if you want to buy a case of it you’ll have to contact Canseco’s agent directly. Oh, it can also transfer Canceco’s powers to you when you wear it.

The former baseball player explained the new fragrance on Twitter.

Are you excited for Jose Canseco’s manfume? The fragrance will hit fine stores, as well as other stores, on May 1. But if you really want to stock up on this magical potion you should contact Canseco’s agent, who is apparently too busy to tell the baseball star that marketing a dragon blood perfume sounds a little crazy.

The perfume may be hitting fine stores (and others) on May 1 but Jose apparently hasn’t finalized a name. Do you like CANSECO, MANSECO, or HUG 4U. Or are you too distracted by the fact that Jose Conseco is taking advice from someone named deep throat to concentrate on anything else?

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