NowThatcherIsDead Hashtag Upsets Cher Fans [Twitter Reacts]


Margaret Thatcher died today, and Twitter reacted — in part, with the hashtag #nowthatcherisdead, confusing the pants off fans of Cher. (Who we imagine don’t caucus much with politics watchers.)

The #nowthatcherisdead hashtag was part of the post-breaking news discussion of the life and legacy of the first and only female British Prime Minister.

Of course, you can kind of figure out from the #nowthatcherisdead hashtag that the initial tone was not entirely respectful — basically, your run of the mill social media grave dancing:

But soon:

Some people were just too confused by the whole business:

But even then, Twitter looked to the bright side:

And today we all learned to capitalize our hashtags.

Kim LaCapria

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