Social Login Trends Q1 2013: Facebook Loses Ground As Google Gains

Social Network Login Shares Q1 2013

78% of all internet users are met with the option at least once in their life to register for an online account using their existing social network account or email identity. Social login has become such a big business that technology firm Janrain has raised millions of dollars while pioneering an entire platform based around social login choices.

Social logins work by allowing a user to choose Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other accounts and then use information from those accounts to sign into a website. The website owner then collects the users profile data based on the options they choose. When a user returns to that website they simple click on the Facebook, Twitter or other login buttons and they are ready to go.

The Facebook Connect platform really ushered in the social login idea which has now grown to include 2.5 billion users across various platforms owned by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

For Q1 2013 the team at Janrain examined which social networks were being used across its platform. While Facebook fell below 50% of all checkin’s, Google’s share actually rose from 31% to 34% during the same period. Facebook login marketshare fell from 49% during Q4 2012 to 46% in Q1 2013

Social Network Login Shares Q1 2013

James Kosur

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  1. hmm. I'm not sure how much this means….I, for one, usually don't log in to anything using my FB (or other) account unless I don't have a choice. Honestly I don't even like commenting here using my FB account…