Lucy Flores Abortion Testimony Sparks #FierceFlores, #IHadAnAbortion Hashtags

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Lucy Flores’ brave testimony earlier this week during testimony about reproductive care access revealed a rare admission from the Nevada lawmaker in politics — that she had, at the age of 16, had an abortion,

Lucy Flores explained how she’d seen all of her older sisters struggle with teen pregnancy, including one who became pregnant with twins at the age of 14. For Flores, an abortion meant the chance to work her way out of poverty and attend law school — and soon prompted death threats from anti-abortion individuals.

In the past, a story like Lucy Flores’ might have died in obscurity, and it might have been difficult to rally support visibly for the Nevada lawmaker in such a scenario.

But on Twitter, Flores has prompted a new hashtag among reproductive rights supporters, #FierceFlores — as well as revived the previously-used #IHadAnAbortion hashtag, a cyclical Twitter thing to express solidarity, often when a woman speaks out about an abortion.

Feminist Twitter has come out to show widespread support to Lucy Flores for sharing her story and driving home why women (especially young and at-risk women) need a full scope of reproductive options, and supporters said:

Flores herself just tweeted a statement in regards to the abortion controversy, with a link:

Over on Facebook, Flores said:

Please click on the link for my statement regarding my testimony on AB230. These have been a very trying two days. While I may have cancelled an appearance with Jon Ralston in an abundance of caution, I remain dedicated to my beliefs and my convictions, and no matter what comes my way, I will not be silenced – on ANY topic.

Flores continued:

A legislative deadline is fast approaching, and the precious time that is left will be spent working on the rest of my bills and other important legislative business, and NOT on defending a difficult choice I made when I was 16 years old. Thank you for the outpouring of support and well wishes. I am eternally grateful. ♥

While Lucy Flores’ admission is unusual, her circumstances are not — one in three women are estimated to have at least one abortion at some point during their lives.

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