‘Finding Dory’ Announced, Twitter Loses Its Damn Mind [Twitter Reacts]

finding nemo twitter reacts

Finding Dory, the upcoming and newly-announced sequel to Finding Nemo, was announced today for a 2015 release — and to hear Twitter tell it, you’d think we have a new pope again.

The hullabaloo over Finding Dory even though it’s well over two years away was intense, and nowhere was as excited as Twitter for the Nemo followup.

And while the titular characters of Finding Nemo were central to the plot obviously, the scatterbrained but positive-leaning (“just keep swimming!”) Dory (voiced by America’s sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres) was definitely the most beloved out of the film.

Over on the microblogging site, Nemo fans reacted with feverish enthusiasm to the Finding Dory news, reacting in all manner of “squee” to the sequel buzz:

How did your Twitter react to Finding Dory?

Kim LaCapria

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  1. My kids will love it…but I thought Dory was a pretty weak character, actually a more fitting word would be ANNOYING! She can stay lost for all I care…

  2. I'm pretty excited that they are making this, but "THIS IS THE REASON I LIVE" is a little intense!

  3. I just saw something about this for the first time today and I think this might be the first movie I take my little girl to see.

  4. I may not be quite as excited as those Twitter followers, but I'm definitely excited. I remember when "Finding Nemo" came out. Now that I have kids, a new Disney movie will be that much more fun!

  5. People are so funny in this world! I will probably go see this movie but probably will not be violent or overly dramatic getting to the movie! I did love Dory in Finding Nemo so should be good!