FICO To Begin Monitoring Consumer Behavior On Social Networks

FICO and Social Networking

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FICO) is taking its consumer behavior monitoring platform to social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and others. The company on Monday announced the acquisition of social network analysis firm Infoglide Software.

Infoglide has created technology that searches social networks for “suspicious information in an insurance claim or financial transaction, then [makes] links with other transactions to expose otherwise invisible patterns.”

According to Infoglide CEO Will Lansing the software helps to “identify non-obvious relationships,” while eliminating false-positive results.

Fair Isaac will use its acquisition to “improve fraud detection, security and compliance” for its FICO score system.

FICO notes that Infoglide has “a strong foothold” in the governmental sector, allowing agencies to use Infoglide’s software to root out fraud by corporate insiders, uncover money laundering schemes, and potentially expose terrorist networks.

The full social network reach of FICO’s new system is not known.

James Kosur

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