Amanda Bynes’ Twitter Proves She’s 13, Not Crazy

Amanda Bynes selfie

Why does everyone think that Amanda Bynes is crazy?

Oh, right.

But still, Thursday morning has seen such a dramatically increased amount of interest over the Twitter account of Miss Bynes that it’s starting to look like coverage of the 26-year-old former actress, fashion designer, whatever, is becoming more bizarre than her behavior ever was.

Today on The Huffington Post, there’s a story called “Amanda Bynes Tweets Extremely Bizarre Selfie With An Even Weirder Caption” under the tabloid-y teaser “She CAN’T Be Serious.” So naturally, I clicked on it wondering what could be worse than wanting a Canadian “entertainer” named Aubrey to murder one’s naughty bits.

What I got was a story about this:

And I say “story” instead of “article” on purpose, because this was completely overblown. “The actress formerly known as sane took to Twitter this morning and uploaded a poorly taken selfie,” writes one of the 10,000 anonymous HuffPo contributors (we don’t even know who) in the story.

Everyone in the Internet writing game has risked journalistic hackery at one time or another, but come on. Are we really still doing the whole “Amanda Bynes is insane” thing? I looked at her Twitter account just now for a grand total of 30 seconds, and I don’t think she’s insane. It’s probably more accurate to say that she has regressed to a 13-year-old self.

That’s not insane, that’s mundane. Amanda Bynes is an obnoxious 13-year-old. But you know what? She has pulled out of the public eye and you don’t have to follow her on Twitter. Problem solved!

The article ends on a snarky note, with this tweet from Kim Kardashian:

Followed by an oh so clever “The answer is yes.”

No, the answer is “who cares.”

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.

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