Facebook Marriage Equality Avatar Meme Sparks Many Parodies

The Facebook marriage equality avatar seen nearly everywhere on the site on March 26 was one of the most far-reaching and pervasive social media memes we’ve seen in a good while — and like all very viral trends before it, parodies hit the social network before the tipping point even happened.

The Facebook marriage equality meme spread far and fast. And naturally, even with social media’s near full support for the trend, many Facebookers and Twitter users couldn’t resist making a joke about it.

Of the Facebook marriage equality meme parodies, Social News Daily has selected six of the most pervasive and popular.

Since it is the internet, bacon made several appearances, as seen above in one of the most common funny Facebook marriage equality avatar parodies.

First, an issue we can all get behind … beer, for everyone, and equal access to a cold one.

facebook marriage equality meme

Bacon was a popular theme of the Facebook marriage equality meme backlash, and sometimes it was stylized.

Facebook marriage equality bacon

Other versions were more artistic, more resonant — like this Facebook marriage equality meme with a bit more symbolism.

facebook marriage equality rings

Other Facebook users remembered President Obama’s historic “Seneca, Selma and Stonewall” comment at his second inauguration.

facebook marriage equality obama

Grumpy Cat came out in support of marriage equality, too.

facebook marriage equality grumpy cat

But when all else fails, Facebookers relied on someone as American as apple pie with a buttery, buttery crust to make the case for marriage equality on Facebook.

facebook marriage equality paula deen

Did you change your avatar to support marriage equality on Facebook?

Kim LaCapria

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  1. I think you're using the word "parody" incorrectly – most of these are still being used in support of the call for marriage equity, and the rings are genuinely lovely. Most people on my feed using iterations of the original pink equals sign are doing it to either spice things up a bit or give it a personal twist, not to parody or belittle the sentiment.

  2. I don't think the parodies are funny- but they seem to be playing off how logo-esque/corporate marketing the pink and red equal sign is and how overly saturating it has been on the internet in the past few days. I don't think people are anti-equality, i think they find the aesthetic of the logo to be contrived and turning the actual movement into a marketing scheme. That so many people are jumping on the chance to be represented by a symbol is usually something to be hesitant about, but in this instance it should be seen as a really positive thing that so many people are embracing it, in really any way that they feel comfortable. I've seen a few anti-equality symbols and they are of a very different nature, hate-filled and virulent. Because it's an issue that has made us take sides. Hopefully, equality will be on the right side of history and bigots will die off- but for now I think that these parodies are just a different form of support that should be seen as such. But, you also shouldn't apologize for being offended.

  3. I wouldn't call it "offended." More disappointed that people can be so disrespectful. It's one thing if someone I know chooses not to change their avatar because they either disagree or just don't want to be involved. But when they change it to the bacon strips thing, or the bat logo, they are saying they care more about making fun of equal rights than they do about supporting equal rights. You are right about the bigots dying off; I still believe ours will be the last generation to know hate and discrimination the way we know it now. Thank you. 🙂

  4. *Nods* Yah, both are good points. As for myself, I believe in gay marriage, I believe in equality for everyone, and I believe in the struggles and hardships that must be faced to see these things happen. I do not, however, believe in symbolism for the sake of symbolism. Changing a profile pic to "show your support" without actually contributing anything toward the cause means nothing (be it gay marriage, wearing a ribbon to support cancer, etc), it just allows people to feel better about themselves without having to do anything. When you give me something to hit, I'll be right beside you in the fight, but until there's a vote or a rally I can take place in, I don't need a pendant to show I support something so others can pat me on the back. I hope they wise up and pass gay marriage into law, because there isn't any legal reason why it isn't.

  5. Maybe you guys have different friends than I do. The people on my feed who posted the alternative images were in no way against same-sex marriage, rather they were personalizing the avatar. In fact, the first two who offered up an alternate on my feed are not only gay, but are major political advocates for same sex marriage.

    On my feed, at least, those friends and family members of mine who I'm pretty certain are opposed to same-sex marriage, opted not to change their avatar at all, nor comment on the flood of pink bars.

    Sounds like maybe you need new friends, if your friends were using the equality riffs as anti-same-sex marriage parodies. Your friends sound mean.