Introduces Video Sharing App ‘Climber’

Climber for App Net

The platform on Monday introduced Climber, the social app networks very first recording and sharing platform for short videos.

Climber was a product of the Hackathon and was developed by @rrbrambley and @derelk during the company’s event on March 2nd in San Francisco.

To use Climber users simply open up their iPhone and launch the application. After a few seconds of traditional TV snow the program is ready to be utilized.

Climber for App Net

According to an official blog post:

To begin recording touch and hold down your finger anywhere on the screen for as long as you’d like to record video. As soon as you lift your finger the recording stops and will continue recording when you press down again. This allows you to “edit” your video in real-time by linking short clips together to create your 11 second masterpiece.

When a recording is completed an instant preview is shown before the video can be shared with a users followers. Users can choose to add a message to the post and also tag their location if they choose.

You can watch several videos that have already been posted to the @climber account by visiting HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The Climber app relies on the growing File API which means Climber videos are stored location on the network. It also means users own all of the videos they post. Users can delete their videos from their storage and the videos will no longer be shown on the website.

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