Top 16 Awkward, Painful Brand Fails On Twitter [Infographic]

The handy infographic below shows that if you operate a brand on Twitter like KitchenAid, Chrysler, or KFC, it’s probably best if you STFU about politics. Just saying.

Though it might be surprising to some, recognizable, big-name brands like Kenneth Cole, Bing, Vodafone and many more have become cautionary tales thanks to their social slip-ups. Sometimes a brand fail is more nuanced, like Ace Hardware’s resistance to that adorable zombie film that made Sundance earlier this year.

Sometimes brands know exactly how to act on social and engage with their followers with true understanding and laudable aplomb.

Taco Bell

But some brands have failed so spectacularly on networks like Twitter by offering deals during major tragedies, thinly-veiled racism, incredible insensitivity, and something as simple as the poster’s own political views, costing each brand untold numbers of followers and a whole lot of headache.

Check out the infographic below, which compiles the 16 most bizarre, awkward, uncomfortable and head-scratchingest brand fails on Twitter.

[via: Social Commerce Today]

Twitter fails

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