Can Facebook Graph Search Help You Make Money? [Infographic]

Can Facebook Graph Search make you money?

Believe it or not, Facebook Graph Search has the infrastructure behind it to make it one of the best tools for small businesses that want to expand their social outreach and potentially make some money down the line.

Because Facebook Graph Search uses connections on the social network to provide relevant and personalized search results, there’s a huge opportunity for small businesses to grow naturally, via digitized word-of-mouth (which is trusted by 92 percent of consumers).

“Graph search could help over 13 million small businesses get discovered,” said Facebook’s Dan Levy.

As far as infographics go, this one below is probably one of the most complete and informative I’ve seen in a while, especially if you’re a business owner who is curious about how Facebook Graph Search will affect you. Heck, it’s even useful if you’re still not entirely clear what Facebook Graph Search is!

Check it out below, via Advantage Capital Funds and Neomam Studios:

Dusten Carlson
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