Tom Hanks Loves Photos Of Lost Gloves

tom hanks

Are you missing a glove? After you check the lost and found make sure to give Tom Hanks a call. The Oscar winning actor has been carefully documenting all of the lost gloves he finds around New York City.

Why? Because he’s Tom Hanks and he can do whatever he wants to do.

Hanks started his collection this January when he spotted a five finger black glove on the streets of New York. Hanks wrote:”Gimme Five.”

It was odd, quirky, and didn’t get much attention. But Hanks kept at it. He spent most of January 28, 2013 walking around the city taking pictures of lost gloves.

And as luck would have it, the actor even spotted a rare red mitten.

Hanks fascination with lost gloves continued after that fateful day in January and the actor has posted several more photos of gloves on his Who Say account. His most recent photo, a sad looking grey glove, was posted to his account this week. Hanks wrote: Let your fingers do the walking. NYC March 2013. Hanx.

What do you think of Tom Hanks’ obsession with gloves? Could this be the start of a new film? Tom Hanks: Glove Detective?

Dan Evon

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