Partygoers Re-Imagined As Popular Social Network Websites

Famous Websites at a Party

We use Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and various other social networking websites as part of our daily routines. But what would happen if we had to throw a party and invite those websites? Would we still love interacting with them or would they be the party guest you want to leave.

The hilarious team at our favorite humor site Cracked has re-imagined partygoers as our favorite social networks.

The end result? Nobody wants to party down with their favorite social networks.

As Cracked sees it, Facebook is the popular girl you want to hate but you gravitate towards the entire party, Reddit is the know-it-all, Kickstarter is the company that constantly hits you up for cash, and Pinterest is always bragging about her DIY skills and her cupcakes that are gluten free but taste like cat food.

Perhaps the best website in attendance is Instagram, a party attendee who just wants everyone to try on a pair of shades that changes how everyone looks with a retro feel.

Watch the entire video to see how Google and Bing interact with partygoers along with other non-social based websites including the HuffingtonPost.

James Kosur

James Kosur has worked in the new media space for the last 10 years, helping many publications build their audiences to millions of monthly readers. He currently serves as the Director of Business Development at and the CEO of Aven Enterprises LLC.

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