Reddit Teams Up With YouTube, Rolls Out ‘Explain Like I’m Five’ Series

Explain Like Im Five Reddit and YouTube

What do you get when you partner social sharing and meme creator Reddit with Google behemoth YouTube? You get the subreddit turned series Explain Like I’m Five.

The channel doesn’t appear to be a YouTube funded channel, instead Reddit general manager Erik Martin say YouTube actually paid for the clips upfront.

Martin says Google “may fund others in the future … [but] anything down the road will be case by case.”

Instead of paying upfront YouTube funded the entire cost of production and will get to pay itself back before sharing any revenue with Reddit.

The project essentially has no risk for Reddit but brings the sites popular name recognition to YouTube along with one of its funnier subreddits.

Here are a few examples of the Explain Like I’m Five series on YouTube:

Did you enjoy the Explain Like I’m Five YouTube clips?

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