Tax Refund Delay? TurboTax’s Facebook, Community Helping Where IRS Won’t

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If you’re one of the many Americans experiencing an IRS tax refund delay (some reports say as many as one in 10 taxpayers have been put on indefinite tax refund hold), contacting the Internal Revenue Service would have been your only choice in a pre-social media world.

The reasons for a tax refund delay in 2013 seem to be legion — some companies like H&R Block have experienced software glitches with educational credits, the Earned Income Tax Credit appears to be holding up some others, and the dreaded 4883C letter making the rounds seems to be thrusting taxpayers into a hellacious perma-hold as they await a frozen tax return with little information save that they must “confirm their identity” to ever hope of seeing their dough.

But the web’s disgruntled taxpayers seeking info on a tax refund delay have banded together on TurboTax’s Facebook page as well as the service’s community forums and formed an ad hoc coalition of information seekers — and going by TurboTax’s rep responses on Facebook, it’s not just individual taxpayers stressed out about the tax refund holdup situation. (Scan Facebook wall posts “from others” on the upper right box on TurboTax’s wall to see the feedback from others experiencing tax refund delays.)

As it stands, the TurboTax Facebook page as well as community forums have been a far more useful resource to confused (and broke) Americans waiting for their “DD” (forum-speak for direct deposit) across a period of weeks or even months — and it seems that while the IRS has a different answer for every caller, the anecdotal information-sharing aspects of social media have served the unlucky Americans still waiting for their refund checks.

Are you one of the supposed ten percent of Americans experiencing a lengthy tax refund delay, and have social media sources like TurboTax’s Facebook page been more helpful than the IRS?

Kim LaCapria

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