Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys Suspended After Anonymous Indictment

reuters social media editor suspended anonymous

Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys has been suspended by the outlet after it was announced by authorities that the new media journalist had been indicted on several counts related to allegations he assisted cyber vigilante group Anonymous.

As Social News Daily reported earlier, Matthew Keys has been charged with several felonies, for which he faces up to ten years in prison and a quarter of a million dollars in fines if found guilty.

At the time of our earlier post, Reuters had not commented on Keys’ indictment. Keys himself remained calm and upbeat in his first few tweets following the announcement from the Justice Department, first retweeting a breaking news update about the charges:

Immediately following that, Keys tweeted:

This morning, the Reuters Social Media Editor added:

Despite the bad news, Keys remained upbeat on Twitter today, closely maintaining a positive presence throughout the day — even thanking fellow users who said quotes they’d given had been reframed to appear negative and forgiving associates who’d released private chats because he feels nothing is “off-limits.”

Late this afternoon, the Reuters Social Media Editor retweeted a Reuters post saying:

Most recently, Keys confirmed he was slowing down on Twitter and said:

Reuters confirmed in a statement that Keys had been suspended with pay, noting that the alleged actions in aiding Anonymous occurred prior to his employment with Reuters beginning in 2012.

Keys maintains all contact he had with Anonymous was in a journalistic capacity, and the newswire simply said of the Social Media Editor’s indictment that the company is “committed to obeying the rules and regulations in every jurisdiction in which it operates.”

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