New Pope Predicted On Twitter? Man’s ‘Revelation’ Tweeted Last Month

Pope Francis I’s election is exciting news to everyone except to Spaniard Alejandro Rodriguez, who knew about it a month ago.

This bizarre story is sponsored by God. God – He sees you playing with yourself in the shower, but he chooses not to look.

In all seriousness, this is a really strange story with verified proof behind it. Rodriguez apparently predicted the resignation Pope Benedict XVI, and the rise of his successor, named Francis I. Daily Dot reports that the morning of February 11, the 22-year-old’s girlfriend tweeted about a revelatory dream her partner had the night before.


Huh? Help me out here, Google Translate.


Yolanda sent that tweet at 6:06am ET, right when news was breaking of Benedict’s resignation from the ministry of silly hats. While you could make the argument that she’s playing fast and loose on that factoid, the prediction of Pope Francis I’s name couldn’t have been faked.

As you know, you can’t edit the date, the time, or even the text of your tweets once they’re out there. Don’t believe it? Check out the pope prediction tweet for yourself.

In any case, tweeps have rallied around this social prophet, pushing Ms. De Mena’s follower count from a measly 100 to over 9,000.

over 9,000 gif

It has also been retweeted 58,000 times, Rodriguez has been interviewed by a radio show in Argentina, and the “revelation” has been dubbed “the biggest spoiler in the history of mankind.”

So is this the real deal? A genuine divine prophecy? Judge for yourself.

To me, this just goes to show that even God thinks that St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes is horseshit.

Dusten Carlson
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