Boxer Promises To Beat Down Twitter Harasser, Becomes Friends With Verbal Attacker Instead

Curtis Woodhouse Twitter Fight

Soccer player turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse lost the English light welterweight title to Shayne Singleton last Friday. The story could have ended there if it wasn’t for Twitter user @jimmyob88.

Following the fight Jimmyob88, real name James O’Brien, tweeted several messages in which he called Woodhouse a “laughable joke,” “complete disgrace,” and our favorite a “waste of spunk.”

Not willing to stand for such personal attacks on his character Woodhouse offered “£1000 to anybody that provides me with address and picture of this man! knock knock!!”

Soon after he posted his plea to fans Woodhouse was given O’Brien’s street name. Woodhouse then told his fans he was going to give the Twitter user a “right pasting.”

On his way over to James’ home Woodhouse tweeted a photo from the man’s street.

Realizing he was about to get punched in the face by a professional boxer the man began to ask for forgiveness on Twitter.

As it turns out the Twitter fight turned Curtis Woodhouse into one of the most talked about athletes in boxing, so much so that he decided to forgive the boxing fans personal attack against his performance.

The two men didn’t meet on James’ street but instead came together on Thursday morning via the ITV program Daybreak. O’Brien apologized for his sudden and unprovoked attack and Curtis Woodhouse accepted the apology.

Here is a clip of the two men meeting after there now infamous Twitter battle:

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