Twitter For Windows 8 And Windows RT Arrives, Supports Windows Centric Features

Twitter for Windows 8 Now available

Windows 8 and Windows RT improved a little bit on Wednesday when Twitter announced the platforms first native Twitter app. The new platform brings with it several Windows 8-centric features, including Windows 8 Share support, Search charms, snap view, live tiles and notifications.

Twitter has implemented Windows 8’s horizontal layouts to highlight individual tweets and photos.

In creating a prettier design Twitter developers focused on photo deployment for the Windows 8 app. Users can now tap on a photo to bring in a full-screen view of the shot. The app also allows users to view a photo gallery from their favorite users. With Share charm users can share links to photos they link.

According to Microsoft:

“The app uses the same design principles seen on and other Twitter mobile apps featuring the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs. And the updated Twitter app for Windows Phone also uses the same design principles.”

Twitter will likely continue to add new features and push out other third-party Twitter apps for Windows 8 as more users take to the new Microsoft OS.

Twitter for Windows 8

Here is the Twitter app for Windows 8 in action, let us know what you think in our comments section:

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