Vimeo PRO Announces On Demand Platform For Publishers

Vimeo PRO Announces On Demand Platform

Vimeo PRO was introduced in 2011 to provide companies with an alternative solution to develop and distribute branded content, and today Vimeo officially announced its On Demand service — a direct-to-fan distribution system that lets content creators keep 90 percent of product revenue after any transaction fees.

Vimeo’s new product allows PRO users to set their own prices, target specific demographics using geo-fencing technology, and utilize other customizable control and design features, enabling them to control where and how their content is delivered.

The most exciting part of the On Demand service however is that Vimeo is only keeping 10 percent of sales made through the new platform.

Kerry Trainor, Vimeo CEO, said that the company is trying to accommodate creators’ needs and really support Vimeo PRO developers in its community by helping to sell their content. For that reason, Vimeo On Demand is available online, on tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles, and really anything else that can support the Vimeo application.

Launching at SXSW today, Vimeo On Demand’s very first title is a re-engineered version of the animated film It’s Such a Beautiful Day, by Academy Award nominee Don Hertzfeldt. It’s Such a Beautiful Day is $2 to rent or $6 to buy.

The site has always been a popular go-to for independent filmmakers, but with the launch of On Demand and its new revenue model, Vimeo is definitely more attractive than ever.

Vimeo PRO users can expect a large market for distribution with a network bolstering over 15 million registered members and a worldwide audience of nearly 93 million viewers per month. So what are you waiting for? Budding video producers and seasoned filmmakers alike, dust off your lenses and check out Vimeo On Demand. Let us know what your thoughts are about the company’s newest service. How will you spend all those extra greenbacks?

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