Pinterest Announces Pinterest Web Analytics

Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Web Analytics is a new service announced this morning on the Pinterest Blog.

Similar to how Google Analytics is set up, website owners can verify ownership with Pinterest and get detailed metrics about what people who visit you site pin to their boards.

“Analytics gives site owners insights into how people are interacting with pins that originate from their websites.”

You can use Analytics to learn how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest. A summary gives you insight into your most repined, most clicked, and most recent pins from your website.

Pintererst Analytics is designed to help content creators better evaluate how their content is performing. The more you know about what works and what doesn’t, the better you can create content your audience loves. If you have food blog and notice photos from your baking recipes get pinned and shared than photos of your soup recipes, it would make sense to share more baking recipes.

There are 4-steps to get Analytics working with a website.

1. Get early access to Pinterest’s new look.

2. Make sure you have a verified website. If you have a website listed on your profile with a check mark next to it, you’re verified. If not, follow these steps to verify.

3. Once your website is verified, go to the top right menu and click on Analytics.

4. Start exploring! Change your date range to see how things have changed over time or download your analytics to sort through the data on your own time.

This video demonstrates what Pinterest Web Analytics does and how to get it set up for a website you control:

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