What size TV should you buy?

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If you’re shopping for a new TV, you’ll probably want to buy the largest model you can afford. While it looks good on paper, you’ll be surprised how uncomfortable it can be to sit in front of a TV that’s too big for your viewing environment. Therefore, it is very important to learn to choose the TV size for the right space.

Calculate TV screen size from viewing distance

The field of view you get depends on how far you sit in front of the TV. If you know how far you’ll be sitting, you can use that distance to calculate the “ideal” screen size in inches.

For how to calculate the viewing distance, you can use the TV size calculator, which can calculate the optimal viewing distance according to the size of the TV, and tell you how big the TV is in different sizes, so that you can clearly know what you are buying, and whether the TV size fits perfectly in your space.


Calculate viewing distance from screen size

If you’re happy to adjust viewing distance based on screen size (or you’re trying to determine if you have enough room to do so), you can also use a similar calculator to determine how far away you are from the screen. And, according to the experience provided by users of the Sony TV Forum, if you choose a larger TV size within the appropriate range, the viewing effect will be better.


Personal preferences can make a big difference

You can have your own ideas about your preferred viewing angle or viewing distance. Some people like to sit close to the TV, especially when playing games or watching movies. How to hook up a Wii to a smart TV? For TV players, they not only pay attention to the experience of playing games on the smart TV, but also want to install various game applications on it. If you’re palying game on a TV, take care to protect your eyes as you’re too close to the screen.

On larger screens, it’s normal to often find yourself moving your eyes to capture the entire frame. If you find you have to move your head (not just your eyes), it means you are sitting too close, or your screen is too big for your space. Therefore, you must choose the most suitable TV size for you home, and the TV size calculator will help you figue it out.


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