Pheed App Passes Facebook, Twitter As Top Social App For iPhone

Pheed Hottest New App On App Store

Could Pheed be the next Twitter? Some believe it very well may be. Following an investment of $2.5 million by O.D. Kobo, it looks like the company’s app is off to a good start. Pheed recently became the #1 free app in the Apple App Store’s Social Networking category and the #16 overall free app.

Since the application’s launch in November, Pheed has seen steady growth — reaching Apple’s Top Charts within only weeks.

The app currently has well over a million users, with demographics that include actors, filmmakers, musicians — but the largest demographic, accounting for almost 81 percent of the total user base, is between the ages of 14 and 25.

Twitter chatter, which really ramped up last week, has ignited continued growth of the application.

The Pheed app has over 1,500 reviews, exceeding Twitter’s, and boasts a commanding 4.5-star rating. Simple, clean, and responsive, Pheed seems to be making its mark on the social landscape.

Pheed offers users the ability to share content via text, photos, videos, audio, or live broadcast. The app’s catchphrase “A new way to express yourself” clearly shows that Kobo, Pheed’s founder, is trying to set his network apart from other social playgrounds — and it appears he has.

Kobo told Tech Cocktail late last year that,

… the concept of Pheed was from bouncing around ideas like ‘oh I really love that filtering,’ for example, that’s on Tumblr. ‘Why don’t they do that on Twitter?’ Or ‘I love Soundshare’ – why don’t they do more stuff like that?’ We just looked at everything as users, and what we’re missing, and what we’d like to have in a product.

Pheed officially launched its website in October and its iPhone app in mid-November and has seen steady growth since. It has also been named by CNN Money as one of the seven social networks to keep an eye on in 2013. So I guess the real question is, have you downloaded Pheed yet?

Chase Williams
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