Sen. Mark Warner’s Twitter Proposal A Social Media Happy Ending

sen mark warner twitter proposal

Sen. Mark Warner’s Twitter proposal was a welcome break from gridlocked Washington politics — a cute, real time love story in 140 characters or fewer.

The Virginia Democrat’s feed hosted a bit of outside the beltway chatter yesterday, but Sen. Mark Warner’s Twitter proposal also managed to bring a bit of levity to political Twitter. As it turns out, Warner has a very hardworking press secretary named Beth Adelson.

But Sen. Warner’s Twitter proposal wasn’t from the lawmaker to Adelson — rather, the young man with whom the staffer is involved, Brett Wanamaker, created a Twitter account to tweet at his girlfriend’s boss with a simple and cute request that Adelson would surely not miss:

Sen. Warner replied, saying:

To which Wanamaker replied:

Adelson tweeted back:

Precisely what happened next with Sen. Mark Warner’s Twitter proposal was a matter between Adelson and Wanamaker — and her boss. But soon, Twitter learned:

Do you think Sen. Mark Warner’s Twitter proposal was sweet, or do you still prefer the old-fashioned, off social media way?

Kim LaCapria

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